Môjû (Blind Beast)


Playing on themes of male dominance and objectification of the female body, the story concerns a young model, Aki, who is kidnapped by Michio , a blind,demented sculptor determined to create the perfect statue. He takes her to a scheduled farmhouse where he lives with his mother.  Michio is awkward,naive ,morose and occasionally pitiful.  Noriko Sengoku is solid as Michio’s mother who beats Aki like anything.  Aki starts as a potentially interested fetish partner, reacting with a reflexive erotic charge to the mere sight of Michio cuddling a sculpture. Once she becomes a prisoner , she tries to trick him in various ways and just wants to get out. The smashing Mako Midori plays kidnapped model Aki. Aki goes through a range of emotions before she comes to terms with her true nature. As Aki and Michio blot out all activities except the pursuit of pleasure, they become trapped in a spiraling need for more, stronger sensations.


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