Brian De Palma’s new film Passion is a remake of Love Crime, the last film by the Late French director Alain Corneau.  The film is essentially a tour of the director’s familiar obsessions.    Christine Stanford (Rachel Mcadams) is the Berlin-based head of the German outpost of a New York advertising agency. She is attempting to gain power professionally over her subordinate Isabelle (Noomi Rapace). Christine sabotages Isabelle’s work, relationship with Dirk and reputation ,leaving Isabelle confused. DePalma proves to be the master of erotic thrillers once again. The lines between reality and nightmare become distorted as cinematographer Jose Luis Alcain’s camera shifts from the mundane ,to slowly tilting away into darkness.

Combined with flashes of bizzare imagery and an equally seductive score, De Palma successfully hypnotizes the audience into a surreal dream-turned nightmare.  The film consists of De Palma’s key points- interesting female characters , manipulation , seduction/deception and voyeurism. Mcadams was average but Rapace shows subtle emotions that crack slowly but painfully as each humiliation by her boss falls upon her. A supporting performance by Karoline Herfurth also stands out.  De Palma is back with a skillfully crafted thriller that shocks and amuses us.


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