Violette is a 1978 French crime film directed by Claude Chabrol and starring Isabelle Huppert in lead role . It was also her first film . The film, based on a true French murder case , is about an eighteen year old girl named Violette and her encounters with a number of older men. Violette Nozière (Isabelle Huppert) is a French teen in 1930s who secretly works as a prostitute while living with her parents. One night she meets and falls in love with a dissolute law student Jean and begins stealing money from her parents to give to him so he can pay off his debts.

Meanwhile her parents are told by doctor that she has syphillis.  We constantly wonder about her as we enter her life.  We wonder why she lies to her parents, why she steals from them . Violette resolves to murder her parents so that she can inherit their wealth. The narrative does suggest a number of possible motivations for her crime, whether sexual, financial,moral but reaches no conclusion.   As she tells the police, “There is nothing to understand”.  She remains a mystery,enigmatic to the last. Mirrors are used brilliantly throughout the film to suggest dreams and fantasy.  Isabelle Huppert brilliantly manages to capture both the innocence which is required of the role and a seductive nature. The only fault of the film is that it seemed a bit too long.


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