The Thing


Strong premise as a group of American scientists and researchers posted at an isolated station in Antartica. Their days are busy but their nights are long and cold. One day, a half-dog/ half wolf appears with a Norwegian  chopper in hot pursuit.  During the night, the dog mutates and attacks other dogs in the cage and members of the team that investigate.  It turns out that dog is not the innocent victim of a lunatic hunting outing. It’s actually an alien that has the ability to digest and imitate creatures it comes onto contact with. No one knows who to trust because there could be an alien among them.  Dr Blair (Willford Brimley) calculates that after 27,000 hours from first contact with the civilized world, the entire planet earth will be infected by “the thing”. Macready (Kurt Russell) and others now must determine that who is a “thing” and who is a man. Creature effect artist Rob Bottin does an excellent job of turning what could have easily become a cheesy gore-fest into a frightening mess of blood and fear.

The Thing ,although never actually taking one specific form, is constantly seen in a morphing stage , and the effects are simply superb. John Carpenter manages to create a truely believable and incredible atmosphere. When watching this film, we truely get the sense of the dark,sinister,desolate surroundings. Kurt Russell does a good job as Mcready , nicely conveying the emotions of a man thrust into a situation of unimaginable horror. Morricone’s score is a wonderful eerie pulse beat that racks up the sense of doom and paranoia throughout the film.


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