Ghatashraddha is a 1977 Kannada film directed by Girish Kasaravalli. The story is about a cruel way of excommunication.   A young widow Yamuna has an affair with a village school teacher and gets pregnant.   A young  Brahmin vedic  student befriends with her.  After Yamuna gets pregnant,she is gradually ostracized by the villagers.  Though the society accepts the remarriage of her old and widowed father with a girl young enough to be his daughter.  This film also shows a clear picture of caste division among Brahmins and untouchables in quite a few scenes.  There is a great comment by a  Shudra(lower-caste) in this film ” He had saved his daughter even from the snakes, but could not save her from a Brahmin” .   This film has a neorealistic approach to melodrama ,features very strong performances and is especially good at highlighting the natural surroundings. However the film is extremely slow at some parts.  The film lacks repeat value.  However still it is an important drama with harsh social commentary.


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