Baby Face

                                                                       Baby Face

Lilly works as a barmaid in her father’s saloon where she learns to deal with the unwanted advance of male customers. When her father dies ,she moves to NewYork City with her maid Chico ,to become a ruthless gold digger.  She uses sex to advance her social and financial status.  Among the men used and abused are department store managers, bank presidents and government officers. This film led to the adoption of the production code in 1934.  The code virtually put an end to sexy films like this of “sleeping your way to the top”.  The men she goes through are pleasured thouroughly , and allowed to make themselves thought of as seducers. No one can do the innocent little girl act like Lilly , and each man is crushed when she moves onto the next man.

She doesn’t use the new men against each other , but simply blows off the former lover. If ever there was such a thing as a one-woman show, Baby Face is it.  Lilly knows right from the start that she is living in a man’s world. She also knows that men can be easily brought to their knees with the slightest hint of affection.  The interest thing about the film is that one Black character has a significant role in this film. The “pre-code” films made between about 1930 and 1934 can be quite shocking and delightful. 


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