Audition is a 1999 Japanese psychological horror film , directed by Takashi Mike.  Tv producer Aoyama is a widower and his teenage son wants his father to remarry.  His friend devises a way to let Aoyama pick someone. They will put out a fake audition for a script and put out a casting call for the lead female character.  Aoyama is attracted towards Asami Yamazaki.  His friend has a bad feeling about Asami as he cannot reach any of the references on her resume.  However Aoyama is so attracted towards her that he pursues her anyway. Mike never paints their romance as truely whimsical, and many of their sequences together are silent uncomfortable experiences that make us aware of what’s ahead. But the double-edged sword of this film is the last ten or fifteen minutes. Mike preserves the slow moving first-half of the story, which makes violence of the final scenes all the more shocking and severe.  Aoyama, though flawed, is so thoroughly likable that audience cannot help but cringe at his doomed relationship with Yamazaki.
Audition is a modern classic , and is a film that will surely influence and entertain for generations to come.


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