To live and die in LA

                                                                         to live and die in la

William Petersen stars as Richard Chance , a US secret agent who becomes obsessed with catching master counterfeiter Rick Masters  (William Dafoe) after Masters kills his partner . Chance gets closer to Masters by catching one of his mules Carl Cody ( John Turturo) , but Cody  won’t talk even after Masters hires goons to beat him in prison.   Chance and his partner Vukovich attempt to get information on Masters by putting one of his criminal associates waxman under surveillance. Masters murders waxman and the cops fail to catch him . Chance becomes increasingly reckless and unethical in his efforts to catch Masters. It all goes wrong when they decide to pull their own heist in order to secure the required funds to stay in hot pursuit.  William Friedkin plays it as brutal and cynical as he ever did with The French Connection ; and this time the car chase takes place on a six-lane freeway going against the traffic. Friedkin creates a tense atmosphere of adrenaline and corruption and danger, enhanced by an effective techno soundtrack by Wang Chung and draws credible performances from his entire cast. The real star of the film is Robby Muller’s barnished photography pf Los Angeles.


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