Arundhati is a 2009 Telugu ,fantasy film written and directed by Kodi Ramakrishna , starring Anushka Shetty in lead role.   Arundhati is the great grand daughter of the Raja of Gadwal.  Her marriage is settled with Rahul.  Few days before her marriage, she comes to the fort of Gadwal from Hyderabad.  There she is drawn to nearly abandoned fort where a spirit is lying.   Three generations back, Arundhati killed the womaniser villain Pasupathi (Sonu Sood) whose spirit vows to take revenge.  This is Anushka’s first performance oriented role and she does a great job here .  There are many shots in this film where the scenes from the present time will dissolve into flashback and vice versa. She has to show the variations between old Arundhati and new Arundhati. Sonu sood looks deadly in the role of Pasupathi. Visual effects and graphics done by Rahul Nambiar are extraordinary.


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