Possession is a 1981 French cult horror film directed by Andrez Zulawski and starring Isabelle Adjani in lead role.  Possession debuted at Cannes, where it was received with notable press.  The central couple , Anna and Mark , is introduced at what appears to be the begining of an estrangement. Their marriage already broken, neither party will allow the separation to be resolved without exerting some hardship upon the other. Mark and Anna are shouting each other  by the opening five minutes.  After the opening  ten,they are fighting in public. The level of frustration, rage and insanity only continues to rise.  The first half of Possession is peculiar and the second half is bizzare.    Zulawski wrote it while going through breakups to recognize the emotional rawness and irrational behaviour. People go crazy when relationships go bad.  Murder, mutilation and literal monster breeding are the nightmarish faces of character assassination and financial destruction.

The tension and electricity of the performances is literally inhuman , and it becomes quickly obvious that we are not really watching “natural” or “method” acting but something far more extreme.



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