Night and The City

                                                          night and the city

Jules Dassin’s 1950 masterpiece was his first movie after being exiled from America for alleged communist politics , and the unpleasant ordeal seems to have infused his work with a newfound bitterness and pessimism .  The film begins with Harry Fabian , a cheap American born scam artist running through the desolate streets of London. Fabian is a nobody who wants to be somebody out for his own big score and unconcerned about the bodies left behind.  Widmark once said in an interview , what he remembers most about this film is that he did a lot of running. Richard Widmark as Harry Fabian gives us his most definitive role. Night and the city is one of the strongest examples of film noir expressionism and it presents London as an urban hell-a world of dark shadows, desperate individuals etc.  This is one of the toughest ,bleakest films ever produced by a major Hollywood studio.  When Dassin returned to the United status for post-production work on Night And The city, he was prevented from entering into the studio due to his left-wing past.



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