Dead Man’s Shoes

                                                              dead man's shoes

Dead Man’s Shoes is a 2004 British psychological thriller film directed by Shane Meadows. Richard (Paddy Considine) returns to his hometown after serving in the British army. Flashbacks reveal his younger brother Anthony’s abuse by a group of drug dealers in the town. Richard vows to take revenge. Richard has been in the army for several years and is trained as a mercenary , but he plays mind games as much as he resorts to violence. Considine delivers an absolutely convincing depiction of a man struggling to balance his desire for revenge and redemption.

Considine’s Richard is an utterly frightening anti-hero who performs his acts of vengeance without a pause, and gives a large satisfied smile with every act. There’s a ruthless logic to our anti-hero’s vengeance that makes it all the more chilling. The villains in this story will feel familiar. They are bullies ,no more ,no less. They pick on Anthony , coerce him into taking drugs , sexually molest him , mess with his mind in cruel ways. This is a revenge tale ,yes , but a complex one.


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