Tender Mercies

Mac Sledge (Robert Duvall) is a burnt out country and western singer whose life has bcome a series of disappointments.One morning he wakes up on the floor of a desolate motel six miles outside of texas. The rundown place is managed by Rosa Lee (Tess Harper) , a widow whose husband was killed in Vietnam. Mac wants to stay on as a handyman and work off his bill. Without much fanfare , Mac and Rosa lee fall in love and marry He reveals that he was married twice before once when he was too young and once to dixie (Betty Buckley), a very famous country singer. Director Bruce Beresford has stated: “This film is about changing relationships. The man is finding a new life, the woman a new husband, and the boy a new father. It is a story of growing together and of hope.” Duvall played a part where he is sure that he is unhappy and he accepted it as part of life but still he searches for some change.
Tender Mercies is a very poignant movie about the healing powers of love


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