AADMI KI AURAT AUR ANYA KAHANIYA ( [The Man’s Woman and Other Stories)


This is a film made for the acting students (2006-2008) of the Film & Television Institute of India, and is a debut work of the whole cast and crew. Amit Dutta’s film is a series of three episodes which explore the difficult relationship between men , women and the physical and mental spaces they inhibit.
The first story (Pedh par Kamra by author Vinod Kumar Shukla) is about a man who lives in a rented room with tree branches by his window. He fears that birds and snakes may enter in his room through the window. But for some reasons , he finds himself compelled to go on recurring journeys to find a connection between the space he lives in and the woman living in his landlord’s quarter. In the second story (Aadmi Ki Aurat by author Vinod Kumar Shukla) , its the relationship of the man with his wife which gets transformed from possession to mutual love. In the third story (“Sau Candle Power Ka Bulb” by Sadat Hasan Manto ) , a woman is forcefully hired off to a young man waiting for his friend. While the young man wants to know her story , she only wishes to sleep.
There is very little dialogue in this film and all the text of the short stories is conveyed on the screen sharply via subtext and idiosyncratic absurdities of the characters .


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