Pale Rider


The film bears a striking similarity to the classic western Shane. In a small California town ,some independent miners have staked a claim to a promising lode.  The town is ruled by a cabal of evil men , revolving around Lahood and the marshal ,who is his hired gun. Suddenly a mysterious stranger (Clint Eastwood) arrives in the mining community. His presence compels the main characters to become united and helps them to fight against evil. He may indeed be the pale rider suggested in the title, whose name was death, but he may also be an avenging spirit, come back from the grave to take revenge. He is known as preacher. In this ,Eastwood becomes an avatar of divine punishment and holy retribution. The Marshal Stockburn confesses that he recognizes the preacher , but is confused because the man is supposed to be dead.
As the film’s director, Eastwood has done some interesting things with his vision of the West. The sources of light are almost all from the outside. Interiors are dark and gloomy, and the sun is blinding in its intensity. Clint Eastwood as both director and protagonist once again proves himself to be a master of stylized drama.


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