Kathapurushan is a journey exploring the recent history of the state of Kerala. Adoor has described it as “an emotional journey through time and history”.  The film begins with the protagonist Kunjunni’s birth and ends with the publication of his first novel, The Hard Consonants. Born in a feudal family, Kunjunni’s parents were separated leaving him deprived of paternal care and affection.  He grew up receiving love and affection of his mother ,grandmother and his friend Meenakshi-the domestic worker’s daughter. Kunjunni gets drawn towards leftist ideology during his college period. He believes that communism is the answer to healing all social hardships and inequalities. He joins an extremist Maoist group, providing it with intellectual leadership. After an attack at a police station, Kunjunni is arrested, but later acquitted of all charges. In the course of his life, he realizes that regardless of ideologies the nature of the people in power remains the same. In this period he also discovers his courage and his own voice to speak the truth. The film is made interesting by the use of a storyteller which sets the atmosphere of the film and gives it a folkloric, fantasy feel. The film is notable for its decision to keep the camera static for long periods of time, often on close up shots and usually without dialogue. The film is epic in scale but intimate in tone, covering nearly forty-five years of Kerala’s history.


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