The Collector


a William Wyler The Collector DVD Review PDVD_013


Freddie Clegg (Terence Stamp) is a butterfly collector. One-day he kidnaps and chloroforms Miranda (Samantha Eggar) . Wyler focuses the entire film on just the two characters and their psychological toyings with one another. The Collector focuses on the obsessions of a young man whose need for a woman’s affection leads him to desperate measures at the expense of his object of desire. Freddie is shy ,poor and utterly obsessed with her.  When he wins a fortune in the football pools , he devises the perfect use for his newfound wealth. He buys a remote house and converts the basement into a comfortable prison for Miranda. Samantha strikes a deal with him, promising to stay a month. Freddie agrees ,confident that she will soon love him. Samantha later realises that there is no way of escaping as he “collected” her but Freddie never behaves like a monster. This intense creepy film features a superb performance from Terence Stamp in the title role as the “collector” of beauty. Stamp’s  sociopathic brooding is fantastic , creating a vibe throughout the entire film that doesn’t waver in the slightest. This isn’t an exploitative, blatantly cruel film. It’s a disturbed love story, even if it’s a love that isn’t reciprocated.


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