It is basically a story of guy’s journey from boy to man , and how he conquers his doubts and apprehensions to emerge victorious in life. Vijeta tells the story of young Angad Singh (Kunal Kapoor, real-life son of Shashi Kapoor) . As his mother Neelima (Rekha) describes him ,Angad is an angry young man. Angad comes home leaving his studies half-way behind. Angad is a disturbed boy who has a grudge against his father Nihal (Shashi Kapoor)  because of an extra-marital affair he had during his marriage to Neelima. He is a confused guy with many problems ,the biggest being he doesn’t know what to do with his life and has been leaning towards his suicidal thoughts. Neelima’s young brother , a Naval officer (Om Puri), takes Angad to stay with him for a few days . Staying  with his Uncle, Angad finds life in the armed forces highly disciplined, challenging, and adventurous, and decides to enter the National Defense Academy. 

Then the story develops to show how Angadh gets accustomed to the atmosphere at the Air Force ,his friends and how he changes into a self confident person. The relationship between Nihal and Angad is one of the film’s big points. The second most important character is Verghese (Amrish Puri). Angad falls in love with Varghese’s daughter Anna (Supriya Pathak). Everyone admires Varghese -Anna ,Angad and the other fighter pilots.
I don’t rate Shashi Kapoor high as an actor but here he played his part really well especially when he grew older. Rekha was plain mediocre. Kunal Kapoor was strictly ok. However the supporting casts like Amrish Puri and Supriya Pathak were brilliant to say the least. The good thing about the film is that it doesn’t glorify militaries as great patriots ,it treats them as mere humans. Usually this kind of film is full of patriotic slogans  but Nihalani being an intelligent director avoids those parts.


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