current 1992

The film deals with an individual’s trauma in the face of an indifferent establishment. A farmer (Om puri) and his wife (Deepti Naval) living in rural India face enormous miseries just because the elctricity bill has not been paid on time and the water supply from the pump in their rice fields has been cut off.  When the power is severed ,he and his wife are devastated .The farmer repeatedly tries to go to the city to pay the bill but something or the other keeps him from doing so. Some of their friends and well-wishers can only offer suggesitions for restoration of power.

Om puri was good especially the scenes where he did let his face talk more. Deepti naval was as usual consistently good and Sreeram Lagoo was brilliant in a short but interesting role. Lastly the help comes from an unexpected person who is looked down upon by the villagers.  The film shows how desperate situation at Govt level in India make things impossible for an ordinary man to live life.


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