Written by Taylor Sheridan , the film is about an idealist FBI agent (Emily Blunt) who is enlisted by a government task force to bring down the leader of a powerful and brutal Mexican drug cartel.  While tracking leads in a kidnapping case , FBI agent Kate ( Emily Blunt) and her team make the shocking discovery of a mundane Arizona home that has been serving as a cartel graveyard.

During the raid, a bomb goes off in the yard, killing two of the officers involved. Shortly after, she is recommended by her boss to join a special team headed by Matt Graver ( Josh Brolin), a team that would try to catch the men responsible. Kate is surprised to find out one of the members of the team is a Mexican, Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) , which seems to be against the law.  They are going to Juarez; Mexico for their mission, another violation. They are successful, but not without incident.

The new film from director Dennis Villeneuve, Sicario captures the tension and horror of the modern war on drugs like few films before it have.  Graphic scenes are avoided by having them take place just off camera. The film’s real thrill do not come from violence and blood on the screen but from intelligent and unsettling dialog.  It is beautifully shot by Roger Deakins, one of the great film cinematographers. There is also plenty to like about the performances here, including a fine turn from Emily Blunt as the agent who wants revenge but not by violating the law. Josh Brolin also turns in a decent performance as the mysterious leader of this team. The role is ideal for Benicio Del Toro, who always gets scarier when his gestures outnumber his lines. He dramatically underacts. 


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