anubhav 1971

Anubhav is a 1971 hindi film directed by Basu Bhattacharya, which stars Sanjeev Kumar , Tanuja and Dinesh Thakur as leads. The film was the first part of Basu Battacharya’s introspective trilogy on marital discord in an urban setting, which included Avishkaar (1973) and Griha Pravesh (1979); and went on to win the 1972 National Film Award for Second Best Feature Film . The film centres on the relationship between Amar (played by Sanjeev Kumar) and Mita (Tanuja), a well-to-do Mumbai couple, who, after six years together, find themselves in a dry and sexless track. “Anubhav” is about Meeta, who leads a lonely life in a mansion. Her husband Amar Sen (Sanjeev Kumar) pursues a career of an ambitious editor, a workaholic who is dedicated to his profession at the cost of ignoring his responsibilities at home. Her craving to start a family is conveyed in the opening frames through a child left to fend for itself in a party that strictly involves grown-ups. Meeta’s concern for the weeping child, begging attention, rouses the mother within her to the fore. It is her journey to rediscover herself that makes this a well-crafted film.

Kumar and Tanuja make a great couple with a believable and nuanced on-screen rapport. This film is about Tanuja despite the presence of the gigantic Sanjeev Kumar.  Anubhav” was marked by some exceptional songs from Geeta Dutt (“Meri Jaan Na Kaho Meri Jaan” and “Koi Chupke Se Aake) and a soulful solo by Manna Dey (“Phir Kahin Koi Phool Khila”). Music was secondary to the narrative that grows on you in a matured style that was Bhattacharya’s forte. The urban landscape of Bombay is captured stunningly in black and white, the slums and skyscrapers co-existing.   For Meeta, however, the world revolves around the servants at home, her husband leaving home in a rush and returning in an amble, tired from the demands of the office. . Bhattacharya uses simple props as a symbol (e.g. the ticking clock, the radio). Moreover he stays focused on the main story.  


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