Tarpan was a 1994 hindi dramatic film written and directed by K.Bikram.Singh. Joravar (Ravi Jhankal) and his wife (Mita Vasisht) live together in a small village of Rajasthan. Their first daughter inexplicably passed away , and both of them take special care of their second one.  Unfortunately, she too starts suffering inexplicably. The couple set out to speak to a village elder by the name of  Jasso (Om Puri). He guides them to Sukku baba (Veerendra Saxena) -a fakir who knows the cure. He tells them to travel to another village, and cleanse the well that the upper-caste thakurs used to draw their water from years ago. A village where no girl child survives beyond the age of seven. The well would have to be cleaned by the community as a whole, before its waters can be used. Nobody seems to know about the well. The village headman (Manohar Singh) and an old woman (Dina Pathak) help them to discover the well . An old well from which ghosts of the past emerge. A woman (Revathy) fighting for the rights of her child and taking revenge of her husband’s (Pavan Malhotra) murder even after her own death. A community confessing its crimes long forgotten. The film presents a series of inter-related events in the form of four stories, which initially appears as individual disputes between members of different communities. The four stories merge into the theme of caste conflict. The interesting film wonderfully depicts the reality of caste-ridden India, where humans are discriminated against on the basis of their birth. 


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