Ek Ghar

Ek Ghar

Ek Ghar (The House) is a 1991 hindi psychological drama directed by Girish Kasaravalli. Rajanna (Naseeruddin Shah) and Geeta (Deepti Naval) arrive in the city in the fond hope of building a little home.  He works as a supervisor in a MNC which manufactures bulldozers. Rajanna finally manages to find a house. However, when a workshop opens up next door, they are troubled by the noise and find ways to attain peace.  He has been helped in securing the house with the influence of his aunt (Rohini Hattagandi). She is old,attractive and has been deserted by her husband long ago. Rajanna uses her but wants his wife to stay away from her as she may be a bad influence. The contradictions are clear both within Rajanna and in the city. Nothing is what it appears to be. In 1991, India was on the point of an economic and consequently a social revolution which must have made most men and women anxious. The film is carefully constructed and crafted.  It follows a dual colour pattern of mostly blue intersected with yellow. When he and his wife decide to take a walk, it is at night and trees appear more like concrete pillars, lit by street light. The background score by L. Vaidyanathan mixed with the noise of the city creates a perfect mood of peace lost forever.Naseeruddin Shah is convincing as the confused, disoriented immigrant while Deepti Naval and Rohini Hattagandi stole the show by their power-packed performances.


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