Nabyendu Chatterjee made his directorial debut with an experimental Hindi film, followed by a hit Bengali film and continued directing in that language. Shubhra Ray ( Pradip Mukherjee), a dedicated worker of a left-wing party, is organising a strike to extract better wages for its workers. The morning on which the strikers are holding a meeting, Shubhra is shot dead. His family was entirely dependent on him.  His family consists of his father, mother, younger brother Rajat (Joy Banerjee) and sister Anjali. His death drives them to starvation and desperation. In the meantime, Rajat continues to apply for jobs but does not succeed in getting one. He has been immensely affected by the death of his brother and thinks of taking revenge on the killers. He becomes helpless in the face of the grave injustice done to the common people by the bourgeois social system. His girlfriend Reena ( Sreela Majumdar) also becomes a helpless victim of the evil forces which exploit the common people in name of democracy. Rajat ends up buying a chopper from a shop. Performance wise Joy Banerjee and Sreela Majumdar did make mark in their respective roles. Nabyendu Chatterjee depicts a thought-evoking portrayal of the lives of the members of a lower-middle class family in Kolkata. It is also one of the very few films which captured the dark side of Kolkata so acutely. It also shows the middle-class sense of disorientation which turns economically weak men into violent oppressors of women.


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