Raman Raghav 2.0


Raman Raghav was a psychopathic serial killer who operated in the city of Mumbai in the mid 1960s. His real name was Sindhi Dalwai. All the murders took place at night and were committed using a hard object. He also raped his sister before killing her.  This film is not about him. The electrifying atmosphere at the night club that follows instantly takes the audiences in the trance for a gut wrenching, dark, intense thriller about a killer and a policeman that brings in different shades of evil and inhumanity.  Nawaz, who plays the notorious serial-killer Raman, is inspired by the real-life serial-killer, Raman Raghav. The screenplay follows his exploits as he steers the bylanes, slums, and rundown apartments of Mumbai, piling on the bodies and indulging his dark fantasies.  Vicky Kaushal (Raghav) plays the DCP of the Mumbai Police Force . Kaushal is as emotionally bare as Nawaz, with the only difference being that they emotional voids are targeted at the opposite spectrums of the law. He’s an addict to the core, and has no apologies about being one just like Nawaz has none about his murderous wrongdoings.

Raman calls himself Sindhi Dalwai and finds a partner in Raghav. Through eight chapters- Locked Man, The Sister, The Policeman, The Hunter, The Hunted, The Son, The Fallen and Soulmates – Kashyap builds his characters to a tall dark shadow that scares us out of our wits.  Nowhere does the camera focus on a smashed, bloodied head yet the way with which Nawaz carries out each murder is gory and makes you want shut your eyes. The camera work is also crisp as  it travels to murky bylanes of Mumbai with as much ease as it captures the city’s impressive skyline at night. Siddiqiui is appropriately creepy as Raman, a long scar running down his forehead, an unmistakable glitter in his eyes. While not as spine-chilling as his more counterpart, Kaushal holds up his end impressively.  Both Ramanna and Raghav are also creatures bred and brought up in patriarchy, are victims of it ( Raghav’s submissive equation with his dad for instance) yet preserving its deep misogyny. Some sequences stand out. Ramanna holding his sister’s family hostage brings out his sick mind in an anxious  way possible. Raman Raghav 2.0 is a taut thriller, full of energy and overflowing with tension.


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