Confessions is a 2010 Japanese revenge drama directed by Tetsuya Nakashima, based on housewife-turned-author Kanae Minato’s 2008 mystery novel. High school teacher Moriguchi (Takato Matsu) announces in her class that she will resign shortly. Her young daughter was murdered by students identified in her class. She not only reveals the murderers’ identity but also explains how she plans to take revenge on those students. This leads to serious repercussions for some of the pupils. Twists and turns in the story then unfold for the viewer as we are retold further confessions to piece it all together. The story is told through confessions of various characters in the film, sometimes repeating the same event from different perspectives. Everyone expresses their own hopes and despair,sadness and hatred. The fast narratives combined with hauntingly beautiful slow motion imagery and mesmerizing background music gave this film an eerie atmosphere. The “blue” look and the ominous, monotonous soundtrack just adds to the film’s darkness.  Matsu Takako gave a superb performance in the lead role. Her control of emotion was perfect in the first half as a ruthless teacher who suffers from tremendous pain. In the second half, her character breaks down a couple of times. Confessions is a dark revenge drama that works quite well because of how the director structures the story. The film does falter slightly, though, from some overdone and contorted scenes drawing dangerously close to being gimmicky.


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