Glory (Slava)


Glory is a 2016 Bulgarian drama film written and directed by Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov. The film plays like a parable that keeps expanding its themes. Solitary railway worker Tsanko (Stefan Denolyubov) discovers a pile of cash in the middle of the tracks, but instead of taking the cash, he informs the authorities. Workaholic publicity executive Julia (Margita Gosheva), takes the oppurtunity to hide a corruption scandal by holding a ceremony to hail Tsanko as a hero. At the conference, she bullies him to remove his watch, to put on the crappy digital one he’s awarded for being an honest citizen. At the conference, when Petrov insists that he knows why the national company is suffering huge financial losses,the minister ignores him. When he wakes up the next morning, the gift no longer works. When Tsanko calls the administration to get it back, Julia tries to shrug him off. Hailed as a hero by the government, the bewildered Tsanko’s experience becomes the pawn of a bureaucratic agenda. Dashing between meetings and phone calls, Julia tries to satisfy her husband attempting embryonic fertilization therapy, even as she remains uncertain about motherhood. Gosheva’s performance brilliantly conveys that divided state. Gosheva plays the part to the hilt, never seeking to soften the character. Glory displays the distance between the corrupt authorities and the hardworking employees of the state superbly. The screenplay written by the two directors together with Decho Taralezhkov finds an interesting way of making the two worlds collide.




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