Chokh (The Eyes)


Chokh (The Eyes) is a 1982 Indian Bengali film directed by Utpalendu Chakrabarty. The film was set in during the Emergency period in December 1975. Jadunath (Om Puri) a labour union leader, of Jethia Jute Mill in Kolkata has been given death sentence, for the murders of Jethia’s (Shyamanand Jalan) brother and another worker even though Jadunath was innocent. He wants that his eyes should be given to a worker who has never seen the world. Jethia influenced the government to get the eyes for his son who lost his eyes due to an accident. But Ghanshyam, the hospital driver and few other workers demand that eyes be given to a blind worker.  When Dr. Mukherjee (Anil Chatterjee) before the operation tries to trace the papers recording  Jadunath’s donation, the superintendent orders Dr. Mukherjee to carry out his duty as there are instructions from the highest quarters. Dr. Mukherjee sticks to his point and is ready to face the consequences. Om Puri and Anil chatterjee both did justice to their parts though  Chatterjee was bit mannered. Shyamanand  Jalan was convincing as villain. Set in the era of mid  70s, depicting the exploitive state of Calcutta (Kolkata) mill workers, it’s the story of an honest union leader, who is being hanged for getting wrongly framed in the cold blooded murder of the mill owner’s brother. With an use of the ‘Eye Donation’ plot, Chokh showcases an accepted truth that eyes are in fact the mirror of a man’s real inner personality .


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