The Killers


Adapted from the Ernest Hemingway short story, The Killers is the tale of two hitmen who pull a job that’s just a tad bit too easy. Their curiosity gets the best of them and they go searching for the truth in this Don Siegel directed gritty crime drama. The killers this time around are Lee Marvin and Clu Gallagher. John Cassavetes  plays the victim, a former race-car driver fallen on hard times since a bad accident. In the past he crossed tracks with the femme  fatale of the film, Angie Dickinson. But Dickinson’s heart belongs to daddy (Ronald Reagan). The strength of The Killers is the all-star cast led by Lee Marvin. Every time Lee and Clu Gulager are on the screen they shine as the hitmen searching for the truth. This film was released only two years before Ronald Reagan became the first of two actors to be elected governor of California as a Republican. He brings a natural air of authority and unspoken menace to every scene he has. Dickinson is a good femme fatale and does it in such a way that she doesn’t wear it on her sleeve. Overall this is an effective film. It lacks it’s own sense of style but is tough and enjoyable and it’s hard edge is still evident today.


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