Sairat means zeal,passion or ardour.  A guy from lower strata of caste system falls for a rich upper-class girl.  It is a story about their love, resistance,struggle and their survival. In the first part of the film love blossoms between Archana and Parshya and a romantic chemistry is portrayed.  The second half of the movie gives a radical departure from the first part where the love story takes an ugly turn leading to a social drama.  The second part of this film is more important. The lead characters, the hero (Akash) and the heroine (Rinku) stand out among the whole cast.  Even the supporting characters like the friends circle of the leads like Salya, Balya, Mangya convey a lot of finesse and depth to the film.  Suraj Pawar as Prince has brief  but significant role.  He played the most cruel character of this film.  Which indian film showed love between castes? One needs to go back to Bimal Roy’s Sujata where Nutan played a dalit woman character.   But in Sairat, caste equations are woven into a love story.   Director Nagraj Manjule does a commendable job . The director has touched upon gender roles reversal. He is well-versed with the household chores, she isn’t.  She can’t cook or clean and he happily does it for her till she learns. The film’s only fault is that it borders on too-much social-realism in 2nd half .


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